Stability Ball Spotlight

What is the giant silver ball going rogue and bouncing through the squat racks and across the treadmills? It looks like a dangerous trap for a child and an easily popped chew toy for a dog, but what is it doing in the gym? That funny looking ball is called a stability, or physio ball. The personal trainers at Heroes Fitness often use them to challenge balance, enhance core, and improve strength. Though they look fun, these things are tough!! Here are some of our personal trainers favorite exercises to do on the stability ball.

1.  Bridge and Hamstring Curl

We are jumping right in by firing up those glutes and hamstrings! Start by laying on your back, arms extended out like the letter “T” at your side. Resting your calves and heels on the ball, fire up your glutes as you bridge up lifting your hips up off of the ground. Using your arms as stability, slowly roll the ball towards your bum as your curl using your hammies. The soles of your feet should be resting on the ball, and then slowly roll the ball back out so your calves are on it. Drop the hips, and repeat. This is no joke! It’ll get ya! Start with 3 sets of 10, and see how you’re feeling!

2. Wall Squat

Quad time! This one is very much what is sounds like, but with a twist! Find a wall, place the physio ball at your lower back, and keep it in place by balancing it between your back and the wall. with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down to as close to a 90 degree bend at your knees as you can. Remember to keep your chest up as the ball rolls up to your shoulder blades. With control stand back up, and that’s one! Do 10-15.

3. Pike-Ups

Scorch the abs with this one! You will feel it by number 3 and will be happy you do! With your belly on the ball roll out until your hands are stacked under your shoulders like high push-up position. Your shins should be resting on tops of the ball. Squeeze your core as you lift your hips and create and inverted “V” shape with your body, AKA, pike!  Extend back out and there is number one. Sounds easy, right? Your whole body will be working for this one, so start with 5-8 and adjust from there!

4. Elevated Push-Ups

We all know how to do a push-up, this move just steps it up a notch or two. Begin by rolling over the ball until you are in push up position with your shins on the ball and your wrists below your shoulders. Trying to keep your elbows close to your body and your neck long slowly drop into push-up position. With strength, lift back up into starting position. It is important to lock up your core so that your low back does not sway. Do 5-10, maybe more if you want to challenge yourself.

5. Window Wipers 

The Heroes Fitness team loves this one because it really works your entire core–abs, obliques, and back. Start by laying on the ground with the ball between your feet. Your arms are extended long out to your side, again in the “T” shape. Squeezing the physio ball, lift your legs up the towards the ceiling until your body forms as close to 90 degrees as you can. This is the starting position. With control drop legs down to the left hovering about the ground. Inhale back to center. Then window wipe your legs down to the right stopping before you hit the ground. Slowly lift back up. That is 1. Try to do 10 all together. Work towards keeping your legs straight and arms reaching out for balance.

Hope you can try to incorporate some of these personal trainer faves into your next workout routine. Now next time you see an over-sized bouncy ball roaming the gym, you will know what to do. We all at Heroes Fitness try everyday to be better to help you be better. Any and all feedback is always welcomed. So drop us a line, ask a question, or let us know how we are doing.

Be A Super You This Supermoon

To be the best you, Heroes Fitness encourages you to continually challenge yourself. Here at the gym our challenges usually come in the form of a physical activity–a squat pr, a faster mile, a few more sit ups. all of which are powerful and positive. However, to be a better you, you must also challenge yourself mentally. And we believe that a mentally stronger you can only produce a physically stronger you, too. How many times in your toughest workout days has your head quit before your body? Learning to strengthen our mental endurance is just as important if not more important in overcoming our daily physical challenges.

This Saturday, July 12th, is one of three upcoming supermoons. A supermoon is when the moon is closer to the earth and appears to be gigantic. It effects the earth and all of us walking around on it too. With energy levels rising with the tides, let’s see if we can harness this fresh positive energy into positivity for all of us. Here are a few of Heroes Fitness suggestions to workout your mind and body this supermoon month:

1. Write.

This is a great time to set intentions and write them down. What are your goals for the next month? Where do you want to see your fitness journey go? Write it all down. Get a fresh notebook, keeping the lines clean and clear, and jot it down. You can keep the goals varied–small and instantly attainable to large and something to work towards. Anything that you desire for yourself, tickets to your favorite band that is coming to town, or to lose the last 10 pounds, whatever it is, write it down. And as the month goes on, come back to your list, and don’t just cross off the items to accomplished, but re-write the whole thing. Repetition, just like in lifting, creates positive muscle memory and allows you to see the evolution of your list.

2. Stop.

We are all so busy and often making time for your workout can be stressful. We love your dedication and appreciate all of your hard work. Heroes Fitness thrives off of members like you who make their health and fitness a priority. Sometimes though all of the rushing and lifting and racing can create a level of stress that ultimately doesn’t serve the body. So this Saturday, take few extra breaths between reps, hold your stretch just a few extra seconds, and be present wherever you are.

3. Appreciate.

What goes around comes around, right? So with the supermoon shining bright, allow that as inspiration to shed some light on someone who helps you or motivates you to be your best. Is that your awesome personal trainer? (We had to suggest it) Your spouse? You roommate? Whoever helps you, show them some love. And like we mentioned, it will come back around and maybe you will be walking in some extra moon light too!

Keep up all of the hard work. We love seeing your smiling and sweating faces in here every day. We hope this blog motivates you to get in touch with your mental needs and take a look outside on Saturday night. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help with any of your fitness and health needs.

Do the 4th of July the right way!

Only two days away and we are gearing up for the big 4th of July blowout! Heroes Fitness is catered towards helping you achieve your fitness goals, but we also like to have a good time. Yes, even beyond wearing red, white, and blue to the gym! We want to help you create a celebration that will feed your belly, soothe your soul, and keep you in line with your health and fitness goals.

Here are our Do’s and Don’t Do’s for the day:


-Use sunscreen! Lots of it.

-Drink more water than you think you need! It will be warm; the sun will definitely dehydrate you and so will other celebratory drinks if you are partaking in that.

– Eat something festive! Did someone say, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit salad, s’mores? Be smart about how much you are indulging, but no need to deprive yourself of the American goodness at the food table.

– Reminisce. What is more American than the scene of gathering around the open fire pit and swapping stories of the good ol’ days? Don’t have a fire pit? The BBQ will work just fine!

– Let the fireworks fly! These little poppers thrill the kids and make the adults nervous, but they are quintessential to Independence Day celebrations. Be smart, safe, and set the street aglow!


– Feel guilty! If you are choosing to indulge a little bit, be okay with it. Choose ahead of time what you are going to splurge on and stick with it. That way you are aren’t missing out on anything and you won’t beat yourself about it afterwards.

– Use your grandma’s recipe. If you are in charge of the potato salad, use your own recipe! Create a dish that will be memorable in its own right, and not compared to the same calorie ridden version from 40 years ago. Keep it figure friendly by subbing Greek yogurt for the mayo, and adding in your own spice blend with fresh herbs to lighten it up!

– Skip your workout. Holidays are exciting and we often get over zealous the morning of and forget to take some me time before the party gets started. Don’t forget your workout! It will make you happy, keep your energy level high, and make you more present in your all-day celebrations.

– Forget to reapply your sunscreen. It’s that important that it needs to be on both lists!

– Be shy! Make some new friends this 4th of July! Don’t know that group on the other side of the pool? Go say hi! Everyone will be in high spirits and ready to mingle. Take this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort level and open up your social circle.

We hope this list inspires you to have a happy, healthy, and fun 4th of July! As always, we are here for you to help in any way. Need a pep talk before your BBQ party? We are here for you! Enjoy the three day weekend and celebrating this beautiful country of ours!

6- pack? Please and plank you.

At Heroes Fitness we want our members to squeeze the most out of their memberships and to do that we are here to help you. Our personal trainers are always a wonderful resource for you as members. They are full of helpful tips and tricks and are more than willing to assist you with any workout wonders you may have. The number one concern area for most people, as reported by our personal trainers, is the tummy. People want to tighten and tone the mid-section, especially now during pool season. Though there are many ways to do so, including what goes on in the kitchen, we want to give you one of our most prized exercises to help strengthen and shrink the stubborn belly–planks!

Planks are one of our all-time favorite exercises at Heroes Fitness. They are a full body workout and a great go-to when you are crunched for time or want to hit multiple muscle groups with one move. After a short time holding a plank your shoulders, core, back, and quads will be shaky and getting a killer workout! Try to incorporate some of these plank exercises into your next workout:

Traditional Plank

Work this into your circuit or end your tough cardio workout with a few reps of holding a traditional plank. Essentially, the traditional plank looks like you are in a high push-up position with your wrists under your shoulders, a flat, straight back, engaged legs and balancing on the ball mounds of your feet. Use your core by engaging your abs disallowing your back to sway and sag towards the ground. To modify, you can drop to your forearms or down to your knees, both of which are still tough workouts. Hold this position for anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Challenge yourself and see how long with proper alignment you can stay!

Forearm to High Push-Up Plank

This is a great way to mix it up by adding some more dynamic movement in your traditional plank. Begin in a forearm plank, with arms about should length apart. Press up through the right hand and then the left so that you are now in a high push-up plank position. Drop with control back to one forearm and then the next so that you are back in your starting position. Focus on tightening your core in the up and down movement to maintain the integrity of your spine and shoulder strength. Your obliques and shoulders will feel this one in no time!

Bosu Ball Balance Plank

This one is easy to explain, less easy to do. Grab a bosu ball ( the half physio ball, dome shaped balancing ball), flip it upside down so that the plastic base is up and the ball is on the ground. Place your hands on the grips on either side of the plastic base and use this to challenge your core as you plank from a high push-up position. To combat the urge to sway your low back, engage your core by pulling your belly back towards your spine. You can also drop to your knees to maintain a flat, strong back. Shoot for 30 seconds, and do 3 reps.

Physio Ball Pike Plank

Okay, so this one is by far the trickiest and toughest of the group, but you will feel that six pack forming immediately. Sometimes just getting this one started is the trickiest part. You will need to balance your feet in the center of a physio ball and come into a high plank position, so as if you were going to do push-ups with your feet on the ball. (Tip: We like to lay with our belly on the ball and roll out, walking our hands out until our feet are the only things balancing on the ball.) Once you are in your high push-up plank position, roll up to the tips of your toes as you engage your low ab muscles and pike up to an inverted V position. Slowly release back out into a high plank and repeat. This one burns, but you will love the results! Try 3 sets of 10 reps.

Hope you learned something new and want to work these plank variations into your workout. You will not be sad that you did. Challenge your entire core with these moves. And for more tips and exercise ideas, consult with one of our awesome Heroes Fitness personal trainers!

Summertime Smoothies

With the official first day of summer only a few shorts days away, we are hearing up for the heat with our favorite go-to anytime drink–smoothies! At Heroes Fitness we want to supplement your hard work in the gym with a healthy and cooling treat. Smoothies are a great addition to any diet because of their versatility. You can add ANY fruit, ANY greens, ANY protein, ANY seed, ANY liquid, and ANYTHING else you may want and chances are it will turn out to be pretty tasty. If you only have a few strawberries left in the carton, a small handful of spinach, leftover OJ from breakfast, and some ice, not to worry! Blend it all up and you are in for a smooth, nutritious, filling mid-day snack.

Here is a guide to making the best smoothies:

1. Blender

This is arguably the most important aspect to a stellar smoothie. It is after all the vehicle that will deliver a smooth, sip-through-a-straw-able drink, or a think, chunky one. And sometimes a more substantial, think smoothie is exactly what you are looking for and in the end, you are still ingesting all the good stuff. So, really, it is u to you on how much you want to invest in your blender. They are not all created equal, but they generally get the job done. You can have a delicious and nutritious smoothie whether you spend $29 or $429. Just make sure you clean and dry your blender after every use! It will keep the blades sharper longer, keeping your smoothie game stronger too!

2. Base

This is the liquid portion and it can be whatever you want! This is one of our favorite parts of the smoothie because you can personalize it to your dietary needs. Some options for your base are: milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, water, coconut water, or juice of any kind. Try a few out and see what you like most!

3. Greens

Add some major fiber and protein with your greens. They are usually more pungent and add serious texture to your smoothie. Try any of our favorites–spinach, kale of any kind, collards, dandelion, parsley, or Swiss chard! Sometimes the greens make your smoothie a weird color, our standard is the darker the better!

4. Fruit

Time to sweeten this baby up by adding healthy, natural sugars from your favorite fruits! Again, play around with whatever combinations you like. A few of our preferences are: bananas (they will make the consistency a little creamier), strawberries or any berries, pineapple, mango, avocado (yup, it’s a fruit!), apple, kiwi, lemon (watch for seeds!), or peach! They are all yummy. You can’t go wrong.

5. Bulk It Up

This is the fun part! This layer is where you can add some personality to it and create the smoothie you need at the time of day. It is a post workout smoothie? Maybe add some protein powder. First thing in the morning? Maybe a little coffee. Looking for a meal replacement? Add some protein packed nut butters. Or maybe you are just looking to add a little more nutritional value. Add some ground chia or flax seeds. Get creative, and make Jamba Juice jealous of your homemade smoothie!

6. Sweeten It Up

Last step here before your smoothie masterpiece! This is the last step to add a little extra sweetness to your smoothie. If you are having a more green smoothie, then this step is especially useful for you. Here are a few healthy options to use: chopped dates, stevia, honey, raw agave nectar, coconut nectar, maple syrup, or coconut palm sugar.

We hope you are excited about the summer months ahead. We know you have been working hard to be beach and pool side ready. Now celebrate this weekend with some sunshine, healthy living, and delicious smoothies! Share your favorite recipes with us. All of us at Heroes Fitness are always on the hunt for new smoothie combinations. Enjoy.

Kick your workout into high gear

We at Heroes Fitness love alternative forms of exercise! Living a healthy and active life outside of the gym is important and finding other forms of working out is key. Sports of all kinds are an easy way to incorporate fitness into your life outside of our gym. Join a team at your local sports and recreation center, or gather a group of your friends for a fun pick-up game!

Now, which sport to pick? This can be a tough one and playing anything is good for your health, but in light of the biggest sports event kicking off tomorrow, we are going to highlight the full body workout of playing soccer! You can tell soccer must be good for you just by checking out the players, male and female. They are ripped and lean and run non-stop for 90 minutes. Talk about endurance!

So here is a quick circuit training routine to get your ready for your soccer debut!

Start with a good warm-up. Incorporate jogging, skipping, side shuffling, and definitely dynamic stretching when warming up the muscles for some soccer action. With the jumping, sprinting, and kicking throughout the match, you want to make sure your hamstrings and quads are ready to go, but also your hip flexors and calves. If you are doing this routine at Heroes Fitness, jump on the treadmill or elliptical for 5-10 minutes, alternating between a slow and quick jog, then hop off and be sure to stretch the IT bands, hips, and hamstrings.

CIRCUIT: Do it all through 3 times

Squats to arm extensions. Soccer works the whole body, though the lower body is put to the test. Doing weighted squats (grab anywhere from 5-15 pound dumbell, kettle bell, or medicine ball) to straight arm extensions fires up the lower half while building upper body strength in your shoulders, back, and core. We have all seen that famous Brandi Chastain/black sports bra photo and we have all counted her abs! A firm soccer body is not just strong legs, but a solid core. This one move works everything!

Grab a jump rope (or jump laterally over a line) for 30 second intervals. As mentioned before, soccer players are endurance freaks, so increasing that heart rate and working on cardio fitness levels is a must!

Mountain Climbers are next up to keep that heart rate high and dynamically workout the whole body, specifically firing up that core! This move is to be done with proper alignment (strong arms, squeezing shoulders blades towards each other, tight core, and engaged legs), but for time! See how many you can get in in 30 seconds. Mountain climbers assist in endurance, hip flexibility, and core strength.

Side Lunges wrap up this circuit. To burn the inner thighs as well as build strength and stability in quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles. Soccer players are always twisting, bumping into the opponent, landing funky, and changing direction quickly. All of this unpredictable movement can be cause for injury.  Exercises like this one will create muscle stability, which will be necessary for your safety when the whistle blows. Do 10 on each side with control. If you want to challenge yourself more, add 5-15 pounds to your hands.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil kicks off tomorrow and we want you to be soccer ready! We at Heroes Fitness know how tough the soccer is and what the world’s best players have to do to get into that kind of solid shape and it inspires us to be our best. Keep up with the action and lead your team to victory with this soccer-approved circuit training.

Say No to GMO

You hear the letters G-M-O thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean? At Heroes Fitness we want our members to be healthy all of the time, including what you are putting into your body. Food is just as important as gym time and we want to help you make the right decisions outside of our gym too.

So this week we want to share with you the world of GMOs—what they are, where they come from, and what they are in. So let’s start at the beginning. GMO stands for “genetically modified organisms.” They consist of plants and animals that have been genetically engineered with DNS from bacteria, viruses, or other plants and animals to create an organism that otherwise would not be found naturally.

Essentially, GMOs exist to be able to withstand powerful herbicides or pesticides, and therefore be able to produce a product on a mass scale. The processed food industry is the largest abuser of GMOs, but they can be found in what would seem to be natural products, such as corn, summer squash, and papaya.

The top 5 most prevalent GMO crops in America are: sugar beets, soy, cotton, canola, and corn. These products then end up as common ingredients found in packaged foods.

  • Corn = corn syrup, corn starch.
  • Soy = hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
  • Canola = canola oil.
  • Sugar beets = processed sugar.
  • Cotton = cottonseed oil.
  • Various food additives including flavoring agents, nutritional supplementation, thickeners and pH regulators.
  • Meat and dairy animals as well as farmed fish may eat GMO feed since GMOs are prevalent in the commodity grain market.1

At Heroes Fitness we suggest trying to avoid your GMO ingestion by eating clean. This means stick with your fruits and veggies, and try to fill out your diet with organic protein and grains. We understand that it is difficult and not always cost-effective, but the first step to eating more healthfully is being educated. Just being aware of the widespread of GMO products in the food that lines our local grocery store aisles will help you make better decisions.

Though no legislation has been passed on a federal level to mandate GMO labelling, it is a hot topic among the states. Here is some more reading about GMOs and their impact on the individual and global level. Be in the know, and say no to GMO!

If you have more questions about the nature of GMOs, come in to chat with one of our personal trainers and nutrition experts. We are here to help our members in any way that we can. Feel free to share your thoughts about GMOs and the future of our food industry. We’d love to hear what you think.


1. Whole Foods Market website,

Crazy for Coconuts

At Heroes Fitness, we try to provide with you every advantage of making health your priority and crushing your fitness goals a possibility. With equipment and amenities galore, we have the physical aspect covered, but what about when you walk out of the gym and back into your kitchen. To help you stay on track after your tough workout, here is a little love note to your health about our love of coconuts.

First, let it be noted that if you have specific diet restrictions or needs, please chat with your doctor before making any big changes. Coconut is high in fat (though healthy fats!), so before you start adding it to everything, consult your doctor to create a plan that is right for your body.

Let’s start by diving right into the point mentioned above–the high fat content. That is the one bad rap that coconut receives. Since it is so high in fat it must be bad for a health and fitness program, right? Well, not exactly. Let’s break that down. Though it is rich in saturated fats (the bad kind), they are not the artery-clogging sort, but instead Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCT means fatty acids of medium length, which are metabolized differently than the most common, long-chain fatty-acids. MCTs do not require energy for absorption, utilization or storage, and are used immediately by the body. Therefore, the fatty acids are healthier, used quicker, and burns more calories despite the seemingly high amount calories ingested. To sum it up–the high fat content in coconut is healthy, like those found in  avocado or olive oil, and your body loves it as much as your taste buds do.

And feel free to it eat up! According to, a scientific study showed that men eating the most MCTs ate an average of 256 fewer calories per day than those who ate long chain triglycerides. The study also showed that those who ate the most MCTs at breakfast ate significantly fewer calories at lunch. The results of these studies suggest that having a diet that is high in MCTs, like those found in coconuts, is healthy and you are more likely not to over eat throughout the day. And positively supplementing your hard work at Heroes Fitness!

Now that you know a few of the health benefits of incorporating coconuts into your diet, let’s talk about the different types of coconut products:

  • Coconut Water: high in potassium, rich in antioxidants, and  full of natural vitamins
  • Coconut Oil: Extra virgin and unrefined is the best kind. Substitute in your baking and cooking, and feel free to use it on your hair, skin, and body, too!
  • Coconut Flour: Awesome baking alternative to add yummy coconut flavor, especially for vegans or diabetics. Plus it has 5 grams of fiber per 2 tablespoons!
  • Coconut Milk: High in calories and fat so be aware that though the fat is healthy, it is still fat. Look for “light” versions of coconut milk at the supermarket if you are going to use it as a non-dairy milk alternative.

These are the most common forms of coconut products on the market. Remember when you are crossing them off of your grocery list to look for the most pure, non-refined, organic forms. So try using coconut milk in your coffee instead of your usual creamer, or use coconut water after your workout to replenish your electrolytes instead of a sports drink. Have fun and let us know your favorite recipes and brands.

We hope this was helpful and informative. At Heroes Fitness we aim to make your life a little easier one workout (or shopping list) at a time. Come in today to see how else we can help you reach your fitness and health goals!


For more reading:

6 Benefits of Joining a Gym

Have you been working out at home by watching fitness videos, but not getting the results you want? Though it sounds doable to make time in the day and space in the living room to pop in an aerobics DVD while the lasagna is baking, life gets busy and your workout gets forgotten. Joining Heroes Fitness can help. Being at the gym guarantees that the phone won’t be ringing off the hook while you jump rope, the dog won’t be nipping at your ankles while you squat, and the laundry won’t be staring at you from across the room.

Are you still on the fence about joining a gym? Well here are our top 6 reasons why a gym membership is awesome:

1. Camaraderie
Looking for a workout partner, a friend, a like-minded individual? Look no further than your very own gym. Your fellow members are similar to you in that fitness and health is important to them. You are all working hard to better your physical and mental selves. Being a part of a gym automatically makes you part of the “club.” And our health club aims to keep you motivated and happy throughout your fitness journey.

2. Group Classes
Rolling right into number two on our list, our group classes create another special environment for you to feel part of something bigger and to be a member in our unique health club. Our group exercise classes are challenging, exciting, and fun allowing you to work hard, but give a high five to the member next to you when it is all over. Our classes are taught by professional trainers who will inspire you to give it your all until the last minute. With friends around you and motivating instructors, you are sure to crush your fitness goals in no time.

3. Personal Training
Personal Training is a distinct advantage for gym members, and our personal trainers are the best of the best! With personalized fitness plans, our trainers will do more than just put you through a workout, they will create a fitness program as unique as you. They are invested in your overall health and are goal oriented for you.

4. Equipment
Though your couch can double as a bench, isn’t having a sturdy, stable bench so much easier for your bench press? We think so too. Heroes Fitness offers state of the art equipment with plenty of options for everyone. Whether you are looking for dumbbells, squat racks, benches, medicine balls, bosu balls, treadmills, ellipticals, or spin bikes, we have it! We also have mats for ground work, like abs or stretching. Our quality equipment helps to create your fitness story a success story!

5. Convenience
With all of that equipment and room to workout, we are proud to say that Heroes Fitness makes it as easy for you to workout as we can. All you have to do is sweat! Then when you are done you can relax in our sauna (or steam room), or head to the showers to freshen up for the rest of your day. Our locker rooms are comfortable and make your post-workout routine as easy and convenient as during it.

6. Fun
Walking out from our gym, we want you to reflect on your time spent and have nothing but positive thoughts and appreciation for being a member at Heroes Fitness. We work hard so you can too. A fun time at the gym is walking out tired, satisfied, and happy from completing your tough workout with a new friend by your side. Overall, we want your experience to make you smile amidst the drips of sweat!

So when you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, we are here to help! Leave that lasagna and laundry at home and come make your health a priority by joining the Heroes Fitness club.

It’s the Final Countdown…to summer!

Our previous gave you a simple 6-step manual of how to be beach ready by summer. Well, back to reinforce our helpful pointers is our 5 start now lifestyle changes to help you prepare in the last weeks before the official summer solstice! Getting your body and mind ready for the warm months starts now and we want you to get a running start to propel your confidence and physical stride straight through until fall.

With just less than 6 weeks until the first day of summer, come in to Heroes Fitness to be ready in no time. Our members enjoy the perks of top of the line equipment, the highest quality amenities, and professional, goal-oriented personal trainers.

Don’t be shy to shed the clothes at your summer kick-off pool party. Shed the pounds with our easy 5-week countdown-to-summer to-do list:

1. Early bird gets the worm! Wake up when that alarm clock rings, do not hit snooze, but definitely pass go! Jump-start your day, your energy levels, and your metabolism by getting your workout done in the morning. You will feel more awake than after your normal double espresso, and will reap the benefits all day long! Plus, 5 weeks from now you will be feeling ready to hit the beach at a drop of a straw hat!

2. Fill up on fruits and veggies! You already know to get your full intake of fruits and veggies, and we always try to squeeze that one final cup of each into our daily diets. Try them a new way to gear up for summer—as alternatives! Make kale chips or beet chips to replace your sodium and calorie packed potato version. Ditch the ice cream or refined sugar heavy dessert for a sweet fruit alternative. It will have you eating cleaner, more mindfully, and healthier, and you will be feeling lighter and better in no time! Push through the first two weeks, which will be the hardest for the lifestyle change, but soon enough you will be craving an apple over a popsicle.

3. Tone it up! Use the next 5 weeks to focus on toning your muscles. Firm up your legs, tush, mid section, and arms with whole body exercises, like burpees or mountain climbers. Any exercise that requires multiple muscle groups is best because you are quite literally getting the best bang for your buck! Strength and circuit training is also great for burning calories all day. You will be getting beach ready while sitting at your desk!

4. Hydrate now! Water, water and more water. We cannot stress enough how important drinking water is for the body. It is wonderful for hydration, yes, but also for your skin and overall body function. Plus, it can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight by ridding the body of fat by-products and flushing the body of waste and toxins. Your skin will be glowing, your energy will be steady, and your body will be strong just in time to be lounging poolside.

5. Indulge! No, not on the dessert tray, but on your new suit of choice! After all of your hard work, it only makes sense to display the final masterpiece clad in a brand new bikini or pair of trunks. With your new body and confidence level through the cabana roof, accompany that awesome strut and attitude with something you love and can rock around the pool.

There ya have it! A quick, semi-easy, probably not pain-free, final countdown  to-do list to get in shape and feel your best for the approaching summer season. You can do it and if you ever need help or some extra pep to your step, you can lean on us when you’re tired. Heroes Fitness will keep you motivated and working until you reach your goals! Come in today to get started!